Creative's Inspiration: What Inspires You?

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There are so many things in our daily lives that inspire the things we do, the things we create, the things we love. Artists and makers alike, are inspired by a variety of different things, places, and people. Inspiration can come from ANYWHERE! And it can hit you at any time.

Sometimes it hits when you are ready to jot down the idea that stemmed from the inspiration and at other times it happens at the most inconvenient times, LOL! The moments when you are not ready with pen and paper in hand, the moment when you have a million other things running through your mind. But when it hits, take a moment to record the inspiration, because what you create from it will be a masterpiece.

I am a jewelry designer, my jewelry is very simple, but my inspiration runs deep. When I started this business, it was solely a beaded bracelet company. That's it, I sold beaded bracelets. Thousands of beaded bracelets. Over the years the business has evolved into a predominately hand stamped bracelet company. This fall, I will launch a freshly designed collection of beaded bracelets and the excitement is building!

As I was designing the collection, I begin to keep track of my sources of inspiration. I realized very quickly that my inspiration was coming from four main sources. Four things that I went back to time and time again to inspire my selection of color, combination of colors and overall style. The collection will launch in 4 weeks, but for now, I want to show you where I found the inspiration for 4 of my favorite pieces.

1. Instagram

Of the many accounts that I follow, many of them are either mural hunting or travel blogging accounts. I really do have this thing with walls and an even greater fascination for pictures of beautiful places I have never been (that are on my bucket list). Recently I fell in love with this picture of a couple in Marseille, France. It inspired a three piece set with beads in shades of greens and neutrals.

Photo of couple traveling the world

2. Pinterest

Well of course, who isn't inspired by Pinterest? There is a board I created that at one point was so popular (a few years ago) that Pinterest decided to feature it. Where? I don't know. I just remember getting an email that said, "Your board has been featured". I thought that was pretty cool, but really, it has nothing to do with my inspiration, LOL! Back to the board, Colors - The expression of life , it is the influencer for many of my color combination choices. I won't spoil the fun for this one and tell you which photo inspired a piece, I will just let you enjoy the gorgeousness of these rich palettes. These palettes spark endless hours of creativity.

color inspiration for the creative

3. Magazines

Where do I start? I honestly don't have all the time I really need to browse ALL the magazines I want to flip through. I could (and have) stand in a store for hours, flipping through the pages of numerous magazines displaying one vivid picture after another. O Magazine's February 2012 issue, featuring a chalk-lettered cover (their first!) created by Young Guns 9 winner Dana Tanamachi, grabbed my eye from a pile of old magazines in my garage. Seriously, I ADORE everything about it. A few different bracelets were birthed out of this illustration.

creative inspiration

4. Furniture

Yep, you read that correctly. Furniture. I can walk the floors of a furniture showroom as a leisure activity. A well styled living space is one of the things I dream about. Creating the perfect spot that is both well designed yet livable. I recently saw a grey and mustard sofa set in Nebraska Furniture mart and I quickly snapped a photo to catalog in my photo collection of beaded bracelet design inspiration. This is not the exact photo (House Beautiful), but it is close, so you get the idea. There is a set designed around these colors and the spark of mustard makes my heart happy.

House Beautiful grey and yellow furniture

You are now wondering, what did she design? The fall collection will be revealed in 4 weeks and I will match each picture to it's inspired piece in a future blog. Hope you come back to check it out. In the meantime, don't forget to capture your inspiration.

I would love to hear what inspires you to create. Drop a comment below and let's creatively connect!

Blessings, Peace and Love,

SaRatta's Photo Cred: Liz In Sight


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