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I Have This Thing With Pink

June 23rd is National Pink Day, the day to celebrate all things Pink! If you want a little history on the color Pink, then read this blog . If you want to know more about my love of pink, then read below.

I am not a pink girl. I am not the girl that needs everything to be pink, decorate in pink, paint in pink, or indulge in all things pink. My relationship with pink began about a year ago when I relaunched my speaking/coaching company, SaRatta Speaks . I wanted a combo of colors that were soft yet strong, feminine yet fierce, and pink fit right in with the brand I was creating. This began my love of pink.

As my love of pink grew, so did my love of finding great products created in pink. My list below includes some of my favorite handmade pink products. Why handmade, because my love for the small business owner runs deep. Every time someone supports a small business, an actual person does a happy dance. So enjoy my list! 💖

My Favorite Perfectly Pink Handmade Products

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