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Entrepreneur's Guide: Balancing Your Hustle

I am a major fan of hustling for what you want, going after your dreams, and creating the life you want. However, I have also learned to be a MAJOR fan of knowing when to take a break.

As a self proclaimed boss lady goal digger, on any given day, you may find me working hard on expanding expressions bracelets or traveling for and/or bringing awareness to SaRatta Speaks. Whatever the day, week or month brings, I am learning to schedule in breaks. Times where I disconnect from my life as an entrepreneur and enjoy my personal life. 
I already know what you are thinking and yes, this is far easier said than done. There are things that happen outside of your control (with your business) that may pull you into work mode during your breaks. The idea here is to create as much rest time as possible so you don't overextend yourself or crash and burn and not be able to pick up the pieces.
As a small business owner, you need to establish daily routines/habits and operate on a schedule to eff…

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